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Hi! We just redid our website (isn't it awesome?!) and we added a blog, but it is brand spankin' new and under construction so bear with us as we create some awesome articles for you to read. AND if you are someone who would like to submit an article to our blog, we would LOVE that. You can email us your material at

Topics for our blog include, but aren't limited to:

Awesome info on naturally derived ingredients

Natural remedies for ailments

DIY tutorials

Leadership and Self-Help advice

Hair tips and tricks (men and women)

Makeup tips and tricks

Everything beards (We love our beards!)

Out of the box ways of living and thinking

And whatever else you want to talk about that will bring peace, love, adventure and meaningful knowledge and help to people's lives.

Stay tuned!!!!

Tasia Ashton

Owner | Entrepreneur | Hair Stylist by Trade

Two Redheads and a Wolf

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