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How do you shampoo your hair with a bar?


You can watch our cheesy at home video here :-), but in a can wet your hair and place the bar directly to your scalp and hair giving a few good swipes across your hair and scalp, put the bar down and lather it up and rinse. You can also lather bar in hands, put the bar down, and run shampoo through hair and scalp. This method is easier when hair is shorter.


What's an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse?


An Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse is when you mix ACV with water and you spray or pour it on your head after shampooing. You can rinse it out or not and the smell goes away when your hair dries. It doesn't have any "slip" to it, so you may feel like your hair will be like straw when it dries, but it won't. It detoxes any impurities from your hair, evens the Ph level out and makes the cuticle of your hair shaft lay down, leaving your hair shiny, soft and beautiful. How do you mix it? You can Google it and find many different recommended ratios to mix it. Three quarters water, and a quarter ACV would be just fine. Pre mix a spray bottle and leave it in your shower. 


Do your shampoo & body bars lather up like typical shampoo?


Absolutely! They are formulated to have a rich stable later. If yours isn't lathering here are two possibilities why: 1. You need to add more water to your hair. 2. Your hair is really dirty. Shampoo twice. On the second shampoo, it'll lather.


How long does a shampoo bar last?


Because they are in bar form, they contain no water and are super condensed. You need a lot less than you think. The actual amount of time is hard to say because it obviously depends how much you use it. It will last a lot longer for someone who only shampoos their hair once a week vs. someone who shampoos every other day. If stored properly, meaning, on a rack or dish that air can reach the full bar. TRW has an awesome hand made, wood soap dish if you need one. :-), it will last three times as long as a typical 250 ML bottle of shampoo. Another tip is to apply the soap to your hands and wash your body with the soap in your hands vs. putting the whole bar of soap on your body and rubbing the whole bar all over your body. That is an unnecessary waste of the product. BUT, if you do love doing that (mainly the men out there), purchase the soap saver bag that TRW offers. This bags adds so much time to the life of your bar.


What type of ingredients does TRW use?


Ahhh, such a hard question. Hard, because everyone has their own definition of what natural is. It took years to nail down what our ingredient criteria would actually include. The conclusion?  "All ingredients and packaging are diligently evaluated to meet uncompromising ethics and requirements."

You'll even see that sentence on all of our packaging.


When it comes to ingredients, we take into consideration everything on each ingredient: where it is from, how it is derived, what process does it have to go through to become the ingredient it is, even how its use in the cosmetic industry affects the world. If you have questions or concerns with a certain ingredient we use, please feel free to reach out and ask. We are happy to explain anything.


As you know, you can find whatever you want to find on the internet -good and bad about every topic -not to mention scare mongering! When we were researching, we would find awesome things about a particular ingredient on one site and then completely negative feedback about it on another. We were going crazy! How do you know if it is good or not??


Here's the answer: We found reputable, trust worthy resources in this field of expertise that we go to when we need to know the truth about an ingredient. We also read the scientific research done on every ingredient at the following two sites: and


The same idea goes for all of our packaging. All packaging is biodegradable or glass and responsibly sourced. Any plastic used, is reusable, ie. the sprayer on the Wearwolf bottle. 


Do I use conditioner after I shampoo with your bar?



TRW have been working hard to create an awesome conditioner bar. Until ours is launched, you can simply do an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse or use your current favorite conditioner. One of the main reasons to use a conditioner is to even out the Ph level of the hair shaft after shampooing. Our Spoiled Beard Conditioner bar does do that. You can use it on your hair...just be careful...don't over use it and only put it mid-shaft to ends of hair - not at scalp. If your hair is too heavy or greasy after using it, you used too much and should use less. You will notice that it has less "slip" than your typical synthetic ingredient conditioner. Slip is hard to achieve with our ingredient criteria, but your hair will feel like a million bucks when it is dry and bring it down to a perfect Ph level. 


Do you shampoo & body bars work in hard water with NO water softener?


Because all the shampoo & body bars are made using the "old fashioned" soap making method, the surfactant in our bars are real soap. Real soap and hard water don't mix well. Now, if you have hard water that doesn't have high mineral content, you'd most likely be fine, but if you shampoo with TRW and your roots seem super greasy, heavy and dirty, then you have hard water with high mineral content. We are working on a shampoo bar that will work better in hard water, but in the mean time, here is a trick of the trade: Mix a half a tablespoon or so of baking soda with a cup or so of warm water, get in the shower and apply to DRY hair, then shampoo your hair with one of our bars, lather up and rinse. Follow with an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.


Really? Shampoo in a bar form?


Yep. We specialize in ideal formulas for making shampoo & body wash in a bar form using the cold process soap making method.


Who are Two Redheads and a Wolf?


Tasia and Quint Ashton are the two natural redheads and Ishi is the Wolf. Read about them here. 


What can the Body & Environmental Sprays be used for?


Oh gosh, so much... Cologne/perfume, room spray, bathroom spray, car spray, linen spray, anywhere that you want to add some awesomeness. :-) 


What products do you have coming out next?


Wanna be the 1st to know? We always have products in the making and in the testing phase. Sign up for our newsletters and pay attention to our social media because we are always looking for people who want to test our products.


Where can I buy TRW products?


You can buy our products online at, the Official Two Redheads and a Wolf retail store (596 Outpost Cicle, Suite A, Hudson, WI 54016),  our Amazon store, and (hopefully) a retailers near you. (Or feel free to ask your fav local store/salon to request to be a vendor with us!)







I am a retailer. How can I carry TRW products?


Yay - we'd love to add you to our growing list of TRW Retailers! You must be independently owned.       Side note: Franchises are okay as long as you are independently owned. 

Why? We like to support people, not big business. Please shoot us an email at

We will get you approved and set up to use our private and secure wholesale site.


What product lines, besides TRW, do you use at the salon?


Until we have carefully created enough products to cover all the needs of a hairstylist, our independent stylists carry other hair care lines, as well and hair color lines. Please see each stylist personal page to view what other lines they use and carry for retail. (Link to stylist page)

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