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Tasia Ashton, Owner of Two Redheads and a Wolf

From a very young age Tasia knew she wanted to be a business owner and entreprenuer. She thought long and hard about what trade she could go into that she could open a business around. That's when she chose to attend the Aveda Institue in Minneapolis, MN to obtain her degree in Cosmtology. September 30th, 2003, Tasia became a hairstylist. Immediately after graduation, at 19 years old, without ever even being out of Wisconsin or Minnesota, she moved to Atlanta, GA to work at one of the top salons in the city and country. She was given the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry. That's also where her love of directing fashion shows and photo shoots began. After learning a plethora of advanced skills, she came back to Minneapolis, at the ripe age of 21, to open up her first salon and spa with two wonderful business partners. Six years of success, numerous advanced classes in business, hair and skin, 50 some team members, two locations and one boutique later, she made the decision to sell her ownership to her business partner to pursue her love of building her hair & body care brand - Two Redheads and a Wolf.  It is all encompassing with her 12+ years in the beauty industry, her love of photo shoots and the occasional fashion show and her love of tinkering with cosmetic chemisty to create socially responsible products that work. Not to mention the fun, passion and adventure they build into the lifestyle of the brand - makes every day exciting!


"I can only reach so many people doing hair. Even with multiple locations and team members... But with products...I can add value to the world. That excites me."

Who and what is Two Redheads and a Wolf? 

Two Redheads and a Wolf, TRW for short, was officially launched January 1st, 2013 in the beautiful St. Croix River Valley of Wisconsin. It started as just a hair and body care line. Tasia felt it was missing something - with her being a one man show for the first four years, she realized is was missing an awesome culture! Being they were already experienced in owning salons from their previous business, they added an independent salon to their business model. They have an emphasis on their product ingredients and packaging being socially responsible and safe for their customers and the environment. As for the salon portion of the business...they love providing the best environment for their independent, self employed stylists to grow and thrive in their own businesses. It also goes hand in hand to create a hair and body care line with hair stylists all around to be a part of the development process. They enjoy growing their own business while provding a vehicle for others to grow their businesses. 


The "Two Redheads"? Tasia and Quint Ashton - Married -  both natural redheads.


The "Wolf"? Ishi - a half Wolf, half German Shepard dog that Quint picked up in Montana in June of 2006. Best. Dog. Ever.


Our Pursuit...


"At TRW, we bring social responsibility not only through our products, but also our packaging and ingredients and salon. We operate with passion, authenticity and flow. We want to inspire an appetite for fun, love and adventure for our customers, because we are more than just products and hair; we are a lifestyle. Two Redheads and a Wolf - we keep it fresh and real."


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Local: 715.690.3033

Toll Free:

1.844.WEARWOLF (1.844.932.7965)  Text: 715.220.9316

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