TRW OIL is an exotic blend of Maracuja, Brazil Nut and Buriti oils used for centuries to treat and condition hair.  These lightweight oils add shine and leave hair with a lustrously-smooth finish. HEATWAVE TECHNOLOGY® works as a catalyst to deliver heat into the cortex of the hair shaft while protecting the cuticle. Drying time is dramatically reduced.

• Softens and smoothes hair.

• Ultra-lightweight formula works for all hair types.

• Protects hair from heat-styling damage.

• Reduces drying time.

• Floods hair with amazing shine. 


DIRECTIONS: Apply to damp hair prior to styling. Use in small amounts to add glass-like shine to dry finished styles. Also use for a second day hair revitalizer. 


FRAGRANCE NOTES: The fragrance opens with luscious notes of Water Hyacinth surrounded by natural oils of Amazon Lemon. These delightful scents rest atop a bouquet of Amazon Orchid, Acai Berry, and Priprioca. These vibrant notes wind into a sea of Brazilian Rosewood and Amazon Patchouli.  

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