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Made with White Kaolin Clay | For the sensitive type

Apricot Kernel Oil is high in oleic and linoleic acids and
vitamins A and E ideal for inflamed and dry skin. White
Kaolin Clay, the mildest of clays, is known for its
soothing attributes. It stimulates circulation while
gently exfoliating and cleansing, yet does not draw oils
from the scalp and skin. Mildly cleansing and highly
conditioning. Made with natural scents vs. essential oils
for safety on the most sensitive skin.

5 oz

Color variations and/or visible clay is normal due to the
natural properties of the clay ingredient.

Mellow Shampoo & Body Bar

SKU: 201304SB
  • Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide*, Apricot Kernel Oil, Cocoa Butter, Babassu Oil, Sodium Lactate, White Kaolin Clay, TRW original blend of natural scents including Lavender, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine.*Transforms oils into soap. None remains in finished product.

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